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Putative TF binding sites [?]  
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RNAseq cold sync t0 [?] RNAseq cold sync t13 [?] RNAseq cold sync t6 [?]
RNAseq cold sync t1 [?] RNAseq cold sync t2 [?] RNAseq cold sync t7 [?]
RNAseq cold sync t10 [?] RNAseq cold sync t3 [?] RNAseq cold sync t8 [?]
RNAseq cold sync t11 [?] RNAseq cold sync t4 [?] RNAseq cold sync t9 [?]
RNAseq cold sync t12 [?] RNAseq cold sync t5 [?] 
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RNAseq developmental 0 hr [?] RNAseq developmental 20 hrs [?] RNAseq developmental 8 hrs [?]
RNAseq developmental 12 hrs [?] RNAseq developmental 24 hrs [?] RNAseq developmental all time points [?]
RNAseq developmental 16 hrs [?] RNAseq developmental 4 hrs [?] 
- RNAseq rblA disruptant
RNAseq coverage rblA mutant early culminant [?] RNAseq coverage wild type early culminant [?] 
RNAseq coverage rblA mutant vegetative cells [?] RNAseq coverage wild type vegetative cells [?] 
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